Industry we deal with

  • Accounting and Finance

    We provide end-to-end support to Finance and Accounting Industries. Our expert team members have hands on experience in accounting and finance software such as QuickBooks, Sage, FreshBooks, Wave, etc. We are also eager learners and always ready to work according to the tailored needs of our customers.

  • Legal

    We provide support services to legal industry by offering paralegal services, drafting, sourcing legal contacts like attorneys, paralegals and chief legal officers. Our team poses knowledge of legal systems in USA, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

    Reduce your operational costs by hiring our services such as, tracking of current and past patients, support for software like HL7, billing software, help patients and doctors connect at the right time.

  • IT and Software

    We offer services in IT & Software industries as well. Today, we are surrounded by world of applications and softwares which have made our life very simple. Everything is within our reach, at the touch of a button on your mobile or computer. This is what we do, we make things simpler for you and your organization! Our team creates applications and softwares for start-ups & small to mid-size business and help their customers to reach them without hassle.

  • Travel

    We offer services such as Enquiries, Shipment bookings, Tracking, Sales, Reservations, Customer Service, Loyalty Management & Complaints Management.

  • Manufacturing

    Today, manufacturing industry is changing drastically and needs to maintain the core manufacturing – efficiency, repeatability and quality – while adapting their systems, processes and products to meet changing customer needs.

  • E-Commerce

    In todays competitive and convenience focused society, consumers no longer want to venture to the high street in order to buy items, instead they want to shop from their own homes, at the ease of their fingers. While the industry is growing at a greater rate than before, it is important that the management process also grows smoother. You can make use of our services to tailor your needs by way of:

    • Customer Service
    • Order Management & Tracking

  • Real Estate

    Maintain up-to-date listings from brokers, landlord and management companies. We can help you with services such as :

    • Listings Management
    • Brokerages/Agents Support
    • Data Analysis