Our Services


    KPO is an extension of BPO. It includes tasks which require analytical and technical skills, especially performed by our trained professionals. KPO services help your business grow & nurture by providing operational efficiency and adding strategic value to your products & services.

    In today’s competitive world, customers are demanding higher quality products & services which have eventually led to short process time for introducing them. Therefore, business must adopt new systems and business strategies. We offer comprehensive business solutions for your business including software & website development, data mining, data analysis & management, database development, business and market research, logo/brochure design, graphic and architectural design, etc.


    We focus on delivering world class results for our clients by using our experience, backed up by a robust workforce, at a low cost of productivity. We provide all the operational support you need for your business spanning from back office solutions, customer care support, sales, lead generation, order management and data solutions. We customize our outsourcing services to help you accomplish your business goals and needs.


    We help small business and start ups by providing our expertise in recruitment services. Whether you want to outsource entire recruitment process or want us to focus on any particular part, we make it happen for you! Our team of experts will help you figure out the right talent needed for the job and ensure a perfect match between them.


    We offer cost-effective and beneficial legal process outsourcing services to individuals, corporations, business companies and organizations of all sectors. We provide legal research and litigation support services while delivering high quality results.

  • Virtual Assistant (VA)

    Market today has led the enterprises to look for ways to reduce their operational cost and increase their productivity. Let’s face it, if you are paying high salaries to your local staff and assigning repetitive nature of the work then why not hire a Virtual Assistant?
    You can get your personal VA to perform specific tasks you want. Our VA’s are flexible and can be trained to perform the tasks you need them. We are always eager to learn! There are multiple advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Some of which are:

    • Higher productivity
    • It decreases your operational cost as compared to hiring a local staff.
    • Consultative approach leads to better quality.
    • Our VAs’ are trained on some of the most popular systems in market like Top Echelon, Salesforce, Bullhorn, Lever, MailChimp, HubSpot, Enflyer, HL7, QuickBooks, and many more.
    • Flexible and always ready to learn